Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a software tool which creates a folder on your computers. This particular folder is synced across all your devices. Available for free (2 GB of storage) at Dropbox.com

Are you in a special partnership with Google Drive?

No. We are in no special relationship with Google Drive. As many others we are using the public API to connect with Google Drive.

Do I have to install software on my computer?

No, everything is in the cloud. You don't have to install Wappwolf Automator on your computer. You don't even need to install Google Drive on your computer, because you can use it via the webinterface. So Wappwolf Automator won't slow down your computer!

Can I provide my own action?

Yes. If you are a developer, you can create a simple SOAP webservice. (information and example code is available here)
Then add your webservice to the action marketplace of Wappwolf and fire an email at us.

Is it free?

Basically, yes! But there are some limits and you can subscribe to our premium plan. Learn more about the plans
Furthermore there are single actions that cost some money per execution. For instance if you want to print and send a real letter. This is because Wappwolf Automator is based on an open marketplace for actions. The developers can decide if they need some money for the execution or not. For paid actions you have to prepay some money. But there's no need to if you execute free actions only.

Can Wappwolf Automator for Google Drive access all files on my Google Drive, when I select "Login with Google Drive"?

Yes. Because we need access to your files to process them, there is a technical possibility to access them - as with every other tool you grant access to your whole Google Drive. We respect your privacy and won't use it for something else than to connect to the service.

Is there any way I can limit the access to my Dropbox?

Yes. Just use the 'Login with Dropbox "one folder" access'. This will create a folder called Apps/Wappwolf in your Dropbox. Wappwolf won't be able to access any other folder.

How can I delete my account?

When you are logged in, just click the "Settings" button on the lower right corner.

How long does it take until my files are processed?

Technically we check periodically if there is something new in your Google Drive folder. When there is something new, it will get processed. This period is set to a few seconds. Futhermore the processing takes another few.

Are nested folders getting processed?

No. Nested folders are not processed recursivly. You have to create a new automation for every folder.

Is it possible to generate loops?

Yes. We are trying to block unintended loops, but there is a chance to generate one.

Will my original file be deleted? / What is the "processed" folder good for?

No. All original files go into a subfolder called "processed". You are able to disable this folder. If you do so the files will be deleted after being processed. Furthermore you can undelete all files within 30days on the Dropbox website.

Will my original photo be deleted?


Where is my result?

There are 2 options depending on the resulting filetype. If the resulting filetype would trigger the automation again, the file will go into a subfolder called "result". Otherwise it will go to the original folder.

Is there a filesize limit? I have a file bigger than 25mb and it is not processed.

Yes. The filesize is limited to 25mb per file.

Is there a way I can include the original filename in the textfields of the actions?

Yes. Check the How to



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